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Biking in Prospect Park

Take a ride through Brooklyn’s beloved and now CAR-FREE park!

Prospect Park is a national landmark and an international model for urban parks. Designed by the masterminds behind Central Park, Prospect Park is home to the bulk of Brooklyn’s remaining indigenous forest, as well as its only lake. But it’s not just the 585 acres of natural beauty that draw millions of people each year – this park is also brimming with attractions, events and activities.

Renting a bike is the best way to see the park and enjoy all that it has to offer. Check out our tips for bike rental in Prospect Park, along with a ride suggestion and attractions.

See It All with Citi Bike

Citi Bike is a great and affordable way to see Prospect Park. A Day Pass costs only $12, and a 3-Day Pass is $24 – which is like getting your third day free! You can take as many rides as you want while your pass is active, and the first 30 minutes of each ride is included in the pass price.*

Grab a bike from one of the five stations surrounding the park when you're ready to start rolling. Dock your bike at any other station when you want to explore on foot, and pick up another bike when you’re ready to ride again.

You can also use Citi Bike to explore other parts of Brooklyn – including the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Or you can ride it over one of the three bridges that lead you into Manhattan to continue your adventure. With 600 stations across NYC, Citi Bike is the best way to get around, while sightseeing along the way!

*If you want to keep a bike out for longer than 30 minutes at a time, it's only an additional $4 per 15 minutes. See our Pricing page for more details.

Other Bike Rentals Options

If you're riding with children under 16 or are looking for a guided tour, traditional bike rental would be a better bet. Local bike shops often have bicycles for rent, or you can sign up for a tour through a bike rental company.

Popular Ride in Prospect Park

Check out our recommended route for biking around the park:

Safe Riding Tips

Before you embark on your ride around Prospect Park, there are some important cycling laws you should know about:

  • Cyclists must ride in a counterclockwise direction
  • Cyclists must ride in the center lane and can use the right lane to pass
  • Cycling is prohibited on the walkways
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way
  • Helmets are required for children ages 14 and under (but are recommended for everyone)

See more riding and safety tips on our Rules of the Road page.

Prospect Park’s Top Attractions

We've pulled together some of the most popular things to see and do in the park. If you're using Citi Bike, you can dock your bike whenever you want to explore on foot and pick up a new bike when you're ready to continue your ride.

The Long Meadow

Considered the longest stretch of unbroken meadow in any U.S. park, the Long Meadow is nearly one mile of open green space and runs along the entire west side of the park.


During the summer months, this Carousel – featuring 53 magnificent hand-carved wooden horses, plus a lion, giraffe, deer and two dragon-pulled chariots – is one of the most visited attractions in the park.

LeFrak Center at Lakeside

Spanning 26 acres, this 2013 park restoration is one of the most popular destinations in the park. In winter, it offers two state-of-the-art ice skating rinks; in summer, it offers roller skating, boating and the Splash Pad for children’s water play.

Bluestone Cafe

Featuring indoor and outdoor dining, light fare and hearty dishes, Brooklyn Brewery beer and specialty wines, this year-round Lakeside restaurant offers something for everyone.

Litchfield Villa

Architecture buffs will delight in the 19th-century Italian facade, featuring ornate towers and cupolas, of this elegantly designed mansion. Once a private residence, it was condemned to make way for Prospect Park. Today it houses administrative offices for the Prospect Park Alliance.

Prospect Park Zoo

The Prospect Park Zoo is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society integrated network of zoos and aquaria spread throughout New York City, including the Bronx Zoo and the Central Park Zoo. It is home to nearly 400 animals of 100 different species. The zoo is passionate about featuring animals in environments that reflect their natural habitats.

Lefferts Historic House

An important piece of NYC history, this 18th-century farmhouse was built by a Dutch family in Flatbush. It exhibits a working garden, period rooms and historic artifacts. Visitors can engage in historic activities, such as candle making, sewing and churning butter.

The Audubon Center at the Boathouse

The Prospect Park Audubon Center is located in the picturesque early-20th-century Boathouse. It is The first urban Audubon center in the country, devoted to wildlife preservation and education. Recently, it has sponsored a Pop-Up Audubon program, which engages children and adults alike in nature programs throughout different locations in the park.

Parade Ground

Featuring 40 acres of baseball, soccer, football and tennis fields, as well as volleyball, basketball and netball courts, the Parade Ground is a hot spot for local schools and intramural leagues. It also features the Stewart Playground, the Prospect Park Tennis Center and the Time Out Snack Bar.

Visit ProspectPark.Org to learn more about Prospect Park.

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